Windshield Replacement Cost Mississauga

People asks us every day how we are able to offer much lower prices on the same OEM auto glass products that big name auto glass shops like Speedy Auto Glass and Apple Auto Glass sell at much higher prices.

How Auto Glass Pro is Able To Offer Lower Prices Than Apple & Speedy Auto Glass

These big name auto glass shops are franchises and franchisees have very high franchisee fees that they must pay to the franchise owner.
Additionally you have probably seen TV commercials and radio commercials for these big brand stores, and these advertisements cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Finally big name auto glass shops usually have their auto glass shops located on high traffic locations, and the shops are usually very large and expensively decorated.
Auto Glass Pro is a local independently owned windshield replacement shop. We do not have to pay any franchise fees.
Auto Glass Pro does not invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into Television and radio advertising. We rely on the internet, local directories and word of mouth, which do not cost a lot.
Our shop is located in a low price location and we do not invest much money into decorating our stores. We invest most of our money into stocking our store with high quantities of auto glass. This allows us to purchase bulk products and get large savings.
For these reasons Auto Glass Pro can offer the lowest windshield replacement costs in the Greater Toronto Area.