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Auto Glass Repair vs Auto Glass Replacement

  • Auto Glass Pro will evaluate the crack or rock chip in your auto glass and determine if the chip can be repaired or the auto glass and windshield needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • If the chip is not too large the auto glass repair technicians at Auto Glass Pro will be able to repair the chip so its the size of a pin.
  • By repairing your windshield chip, the chip will prevented from spreading and will ensure the safety of your auto glass for many years to come.
  • Auto glass repair is quick and much cheaper than an auto glass replacement.
  • How To Determine If You Qualify For An Auto Glass Repair Service

How To Determine If You Qualify For An Auto Glass Repair Service

auto glass repair Mississauga

In the image to the left, you can see that if your auto glass chip or crack is smaller than a Canadian Toonie you qualify for an auto glass chip repair. Although Auto Glass Pro may be able to repair auto glass chips that are larger than a Canadian Toonie, we recommend that the windshield be replaced. The reason is that in the long run a chip that is larger than a Toonie will spread and may compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Before And After Auto Glass Repair

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If you are wondering what your windshield chip will look like after Auto Glass Pro repairs it, please refer to the image to the left. Some people have the expectation that the windshield chip will disappear completely, but this is unfortunately not possible with the current auto glass repair technology. However the chip is reduced to a very small pin size dot, which prevents it from spreading further and causing more damage.

Pictures of Auto Glass Chips That Auto Glass Pro Was Able To Repair

Benefits Of An Auto Glass Repair

  • When compared to windshield replacement, auto glass chip repair is more economical.
  • Auto glass repair is also very quick, and Auto Glass pro offers same day auto glass chip repair. Just call our auto glass shop in Mississauga and request to book an appointment.
  • Auto glass repair is also a very effective way of preventing the spreading of the windshield crack. As you may know if you have an auto glass chip which has not been repaired for several months or years, you will notice that it keeps getting larger and larger. An auto glass chip repair service will prevent the chip from cracking and spreading.